5 de abr. de 2013


This is the story of Hercules. He is the son of princess Alcmene and Zeus, the King of Gods. Everybody notices that Hercules is a very strong baby, but the godess Hera, who is Zeus's wife, is not happy with him, she is jealous. When Hercules is young, he goes to the hills, and there he is happy. He marries princess Megara, King Creon of Thebes' daughter, and then they have three children. One day, Hera sends a black cloud to Hercules' head and he kills his wife and sons. Then king Creon sent him to King Euristheus, who asks him to make twelve tasks so the Gods can forgive his crime. 
Task 1: Hercules go to Nemea and kill a huge lion there. Hercules can't kill the lion with his arrows or his sword, so he kills it with his hands, then he puts the lion's skin over his head and back, so when he wear that skin, no swords or arrows can kill him. 
Task 2: Hercules and Iolaus have to kill the Hydra which lives in the lake of Lerna, to do that, Hercules has to cut its seven heads off while Iolaus burns the stumps inmediatly, or a new head would grow from the stump. 
Task 3: Hercules has to find the godess Artemis's golden deer and bring it to palace. The deer runs faster than any arrow, so hercules has to run for a year and a day after the golden deer to chase it, once he catched it he goes to the palace with the deer, he puts it in front of the king, but before the king can take the deer, it rubs away. 
Task 4: Hercules has to go into the mountains and catch a big wild boar and bring back alive.